Conceptualizing Birthday Celebrations after Lockdown Relaxation


After a long hiatus, tarrying in a compelling situation and planning a social gathering is more than a welcome change that offers a fresh perspective towards life. Any celebration is an excuse to socialize and birthday celebration is no excuse; it is just an occasion to put all your concerns to rest and time to mingle with family and friends.

While the lockdown relaxation process is beginning to unwind globally in a phased manner, the desperate socialites are waiting to be invited for a social event. The importance of social gatherings suddenly bears relevance.

Regulatory orders are still in place as a deterrent to prevent large gatherings that traditionally celebrate parties. In order to fill the gap of not being able to throw a typical birthday party, we have jotted down few practical ideas to celebrate special birthday parties to revel.

Outing, Fun & Frolic

Picnic is the best way to enjoy and get soaked in the sun. Invite few of your friends for an outdoor picnic and enjoy the food in the open! Binge around and have a blast celebrate lockdown relaxation Explore the culinary skills of your friends who might have mastered it during lockdown.  You can even ask everyone to bring a dish of their choice to create an assortment of appetizing dishes to spread with an Instagram-friendly appeal! Any home made dish is a welcome!

Pamper and Indulge Yourself

There could be no second opinion on your idea of sparing some time for yourself to have a space of your own for celebrations. It is your day, grab your favorite takeaway grub and indulge in some delectable traditional local cuisine for an ultimate wow experience. It is fun time so turn on your home theater, celebrate your special day. If you have plans to show off your cooking skills, light up the barbeque or OTG; cook your own dishes by baking your favorite delicious items for the evening. Treat yourself with your heart-fill…enjoy it’s your day after all.

Hosting Party with Jungle Fiesta

Dubai’s unique themed party venue and one of the coolest destinations to celebrate those special moments in your life. Artistically designed as an exotic jungle, this spectacular venue offers the perfect setting for celebrating birthdays and special occasions alike. At Jungle Fiesta, we make it a celebration to remember no matter what the occasion, taking care of everything so as to give you and your special ones an experience that is as near perfect as is possible. Lay a choicest buffet so that your friends and children can choose from the wide spread of pastries, savories and delicacies. For a fun-filled evening, engage in some activity to get the night rolling in enjoyment.

Get Reservation at any of your favorite restaurant

You can now make a reservation at your favorite café or restaurant with your closest friends following restrictions that have begun across the country. In this way, you are going to be part of a business development and revenue generation process. Moreover, this is also a great way to support local businesses and enjoy that dining experience that we have all been missing out for a while now during the lockdown situation.


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