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Selecting the invitees for your kids birthday

There is no second opinion that your child’s birthday party is one of the most exciting events of the year both for you and your little one.  They should be happy and be able to share it with their best friends.

Ideally, the guest list would be a cross-section of your child’s classmates at school, sports academy or group from his tutorial class or where he/she visits the most. If you are inviting people from groups than you either invite a handful of kids or the whole group to your kid’s birthday party to avoid being biased by excluding some children. Some schools have appropriate policies in place when it comes to inviting all of the class or all boys and all girls; it is, therefore, better to speak to your child’s class teacher about this before you start sending out invites. Even if you do go ahead and decide not to invite the whole class for your kid’s birthday party in Dubai then it is better to educate your child on discretion to avoid hurting the feelings of classmates that may have missed out.

How many people can be invited?

Planning your child’s birthday party and making him happy is your primary concern.  Nevertheless, it is also a good idea to consider your budget and remember your kid’s parents also will join the party thereby doubling up the overheads. You could save on costs by opting for E-invites although paper invites designed by your child are a great way to help your child to practice their skills on arts and crafts and will also make handing out the invites sounds more endearing for your children.

What is the proper time to host the kid’s birthday party?

Generally, weekend parties are popular and welcomed by everybody. With regard to today and time, most birthday parties can be scheduled on a Thursday afternoon and can also be a Friday or Saturday. For weekend parties that are two hours long, we recommend staging the kid’s birthday party so that the kids’ activities can be followed by food which can commence at lunchtime around 11:00 am and afternoon parties at around 3:30 pm. In Dubai, we have organized many kids’ parties and with many of the parents that we work with, they have to coordinate with other parents to ensure that their parties do not clash with any other major events or parties of other children.

The ideal time to send the children’s birthday invites

At least two weeks or little more, advance intimation could be a good option to send the invitations out for your kid’s birthday party. This gives enough time for your guests to plan for attending your children’s birthday party to mark the date but not so long that it gets lost under a pile of other invites, emails that keep pouring in on the coffee table at home.

How to send kids birthday party & RSVP reminders?

Adapt trending methods in modern times. Create a Whatsapp group for your child’s birthday in order to remind other parents to RSVP. This method saves the need for lots of individual message threads about the birthday party and also gives a chance for you to share pictures that you took at the party and also to reciprocate the guests for attending your kid’s birthday party.

Should you open a present at a children’s birthday party?

If you are thinking of having your child unwrap the presents at the party then make sure that you keep it quick and have some order with children sitting to watch the event. This can be great for guests to see the joy that presents bring on the birthday kid but curtail the timing as guests of the kids’ birthday party are likely to get bored.

Is there a necessity to make a goody bag?

Goody bags and return gifts have been a common thing in parties from time immemorial. However, from our experience of modern kids birthday parties in Dubai, we find that personalized favor to remember the date, arts, and crafts that children have made at the party or homemade treats like muffins are a great takeaway gift for parents rather than sweets and toys that normally end up in the bin when the guests reach home.

How can I get through my kid’s birthday party month stress-free?

It is better to share the problem to find a solution. So why not share your child’s birthday party with one of their friends if they have their kid’s birthday party in the same month! This concept not only reduces the cost but can also split the responsibilities with another family. This works well, particularly if the areas of the party that you are happily sorting out compliment well with the other family allowing for a great all-around kids’ birthday party to be enjoyed well. If you want to keep your mind stress-free, then a party planner is ideal options to assist you to get everything set for the big day easily and economically.

Birthday party in Dubai – how to get started?

We presume that this article has given you an insight that you need to understand relating to your child’s next birthday party in Dubai. If you would like us to take the hassle away from organizing the perfect party, then get in touch with our kids’ birthday party department, which is just a phone call away. We assure you that we will crystalize your ideas and take care of everything from decorations, to food, to entertainers in order to make the perfect day for your bundle of joy and his or her buddies.


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