Tips for Amazing Corporate Family Day in Dubai

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Touted among the popular Event Management Company in the UAE, we observed some useful tips about Corporate Fun Days and thought of sharing with you all.

Create Ambience for Warm Welcome & Smooth Arrival:-

Much before your guests arrive at your event, ensure they are party ready. Send in advance detailed map routes of venue and tickets in order to avert any confusion upon their arrival.

Arrange for a VIP entry on their arrival at the venue. Adopt the trending method; Instead of the usual paper tickets, use wristbands/badges so the guests can easily skip the queues and walk in straight.

Very important aspect; make sure that the venue has mobility and pram access besides the availability of enough space for prams parking as the guest may arrive with kids or infants in perambulators.

Arranging Accessible Catering For Hungry Kids & Adults:-

Food offered should be family friendly. The food provided at the venue should be available easily. A popular and favorite is the great BBQ station that can provide a substantial lunch meal. This also takes care of all dietary requirements and is easy to manage too.

To make the event active and extra special; add young-at-heart favorites like fairy floss, ice cream or a sweets station. Take advantage of the opportunity to add some branding some branded lolly bags or cupcakes will add joy to the event.

Apart from the kids at the event, you have a whole lot of adults; so providing a beer or wine for them during lunch will be a welcome idea.
One more essential element to be remembered is to make provision for a designated or reserved area for families to get-to-gather.

Flexibility for Families:-

The best attendance and feedback on family days can be expected when the schedule is made flexible for extended families consisting of everyone in a family tree! Arrange for an all-day access to the event. Families with younger children and infants can schedule their visits around naps or those with older children can visit after morning sport activities or after attending to other family commitments.

We share a valuable and a great family-friendly tip; arrange for the lunch service which could be extended for over a 3-hour period. This facility encourages families to come at a time convenient to them, without the stress of a fixed time.

Return Gift Bag – Token of Appreciation For The Visit!:-

Everyone likes gift bags and putting together a gift bag for your guests to take away at the end of their day out as a token of appreciation for gracing the occasion is a splendid idea. It not only makes the children and guests feel special, but also offers you with additional opportunities for branding and referrals.

We are here to suggest valuable tips that are used by all the successful Corporate Family Day Planner! Do contact us at your convenience!


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