How to Find your Best Birthday Planner in Dubai

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Organizing a party or any event of celebration is a challenge! It is therefore advisable to seek the assistance of party planners who designs perfect parties according to the type and event. If you are confused do not get bewildered and spoil your enthusiasm. We will find the best birthday planner in Dubai. Follow the below mentioned steps carefully:

Birthday Planner – Definition

Birthday planners are professionals who design and plan the event by taking into account important factors for ensuring unhindered celebrations.  They are committed to making your celebrations a joyous occasion with unlimited fun for all. Besides, one of the important aspects is the budget and customer satisfaction. They usually conduct a preliminary meeting with the client to collect all the basic details about the event; the venue, guest list, menu, decoration etc.

In the light of the above, essential details of the event is collected by the planners who further get into the finer nitty gritty of the event in order to make the show memorable for the client. Moreover, these so called thorough professionals give guidance to their clients to manage the expenses within the budget. They don the role of a mediator between the vendors and the clients by coordinating for the success of the event. Irrespective of the fact, whether it is a birthday party or wedding party or a corporate event, with these event planners around there would not be any hassle to a perfectly prearranged event.

Finding The Best Planner

If you have plans to host a party but unsure from where to begin; it is therefore advisable to leave the task to a professional birthday planner in Dubai. By following, these steps to know more you can keep an edge towards planning your party and also enjoy it!

What Kind of Birthday Party You Are Planning To Host?

Let us understand the type of birthday party you are planning. Fine tuning it further, you will be left with only a few options to choose from as different event planners have a variety of special choices.

Next step is how to go about? There are specialists in the field of party planners. Some planners are proficient in organizing a kid’s birthday party while others are professional enough in organizing birthday parties and corporate events. Plan the theme of the birthday party or you can even go through the testimonials of the planners in order to find a good theme. You have the choice to select from a dozen party planners from among the best ones in Dubai for a hassle-free birthday party.

Plan A Budget& Stick To It

Ideally fix a budget even before meeting the party planner. Obviously, you do not want to cut a sorry figure by spending more than your anticipations for the party.

A professional planner will offer a set of budgets for different types of parties. To avoid any hassle at the last minute, it is better to be upfront about your budget to facilitate the planner to plan according to your budget. At the end of the day, the whole plan has to be realistic in terms of number of guests expected etc.

Fixing a budget means, you have to begin with the number of guests that are expected. The next is to take into consideration the venue factor that you are planning for celebrating the event. Besides the above essential elements, the number of hours the event will go on and finally remember that this budget is not just for the event, but also for the birthday planner in Dubai who will give you the best value for your deal!

Study Their Testimonials

Having shortlisted your different choices, now find the scope of service that these planners offer for your quoted budget. Compare all the options with other party planners. Some of the key elements to remember are to check what type of payment they demand; whether it is a flat consolidated rate for everything or do they charge on a hourly basis? The next thing is to check their dynamic scope of service; in case you wish to make any last minute changes.

In conclusion, when it comes to hiring a birthday planner, finalize in advance the services they offer on the day of your event. Generally, some vendors may only assist with the planning for the event and may not provide any additional services on the day of the event. Some enterprising planners may include day-of coordination in their fee, while others may offer the service, but with an additional charge; you need to be selective and choose according to your needs…


This is a crucial stage where you have to exercise your wisdom as you zero on the top choice of the party planner. Check and find out the previous clients’ testimonials about the one you have short listed. This will help you to know about their credentials and get an idea of the quality of their executed work in the past. There are a different ways to check this out.

One would quickly get back to the person, who had hired a particular planner and ask their experience about this birthday planner. If you found the planner online, you can check the social media presence or you can check the website for testimonials. These days, it has become a trend that social media give flexibility for both the clients and planners to share their opinion openly.

Alternate Plan

There is many a slip between the cups and the lips! It is always better to chalk out an alternate plan just in case something back fires at the last minute. In almost all case, the birthday planners take care of any glitches; but it is your responsibility to keep a check to prevent any mishaps. Another key element is to find out whether the vendors you hire are covered for liability insurance.

Have a back up to avoid problems on the day of the event. Read the terms and conditions and the refund policy of the planners carefully; if owing to some unforeseen circumstances, the birthday party gets cancelled or if you plan to reduce your budget later.

Also, check the contingency plans of the party planners. If that person doesn’t show up on the day of the event, will they make alternate arrangement? Better to have a replacement as a stand by in case of any eventuality…God forbid!

Aptly Fitting Your Personality

A lot of homework needs to be done for party planning event. For a huge event, it is advisable to start the planning work at least a year in advance.

You have to maintain a good relationship with the birthday party planner in Dubai as they may have to work with you for a whole year. Working with someone who does not fit your taste or personality may eventually ruin the event. Therefore, it is always recommended to go for the choice whom you feel trustworthy and amenable.


The popularity of event planners or party planners in the past decade is encouraging. The number of event planners in the country has shown a steady growth as an industry. The public demand of wanting an exclusive team to handle their event rather than taking up all the pressure on them has become a trend and also a necessity. Now with a lot of choices to choose from, it is always good to have a research conducted to find your perfect event planner suitable for your needs.

Presumably, this blog will give you a good head start to explore your next birthday party planner.

We, at Jungle Fiesta, make sure that we strive to discharge our task beyond our clients’ expectations with our benchmark of satisfaction! Our objective is to ensure a hassle-free experience from the moment you contact us until the event is over. Get in touch with us and let our team take care of planning your event. Our planning team won’t rest until they guide you discover the perfect venue and host a memorable event for you.

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