Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas – 9 Important things to remember for a Grand Kids Party

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Apparently you are at sea in organizing your kid’s birthday party. It is indeed true that it is a challenge to arrange the party where both the guest and the kid enjoy.  But getting things in order to get the show going is the key element which is a challenging task as one may not know the basic requirement for the success of a party.

Now cool…we take away your worries by offering 9 key elements to make the birthday a memorable affair. Many innovative ideas may keep pouring for kids’ birthdays from friend and relatives. Go ahead and take a look at our suggestions:

1. Theme:-

Significantly, a theme becomes a binding factor for all the elements of a birthday party. Going by the trend of customizing all the aspects of an event, a theme offers a general direction about the complete arrangement, decoration and particularly the fun factor of an event. Giving a theme is a tricky affair. Believe you me, it is not that complicated. If there is a specific cartoon, movie character or color or anything you know that reflects your kid’s interest that can fit the bill for the theme. Your child likes it, end of the matter. All the same, you have another option of looking for themes that are generally likened by little girls and boys.

2. Venue:-

Essentially before planning the venue for a party you have to first decide the budget and guest list. Thereafter, you could pick and choose between an indoor banquet hall and an outdoor venue. Whichever part of India you are located at,there are plenty of both to choose from. For selecting an ideal venue with a competitive deal, click here.

3. Invitation:-

First impression is the best impression, always. Quite true as the invitation element may be disregarded as something unimportant but one fails to realize that the guests and invitees are excited with anticipation, for a party is swayed by the creative element of its invitation. The invitation card should influence enough to prompt an invitee to be struck in awe about the overall design. In addition, social media being the standard medium of communication now-a-days and E-invites have set a trend.  You do not need to have a deep pocket. Hire a freelancer who is into graphic designing to get innovative cards done for you. You may even look up for birthday invitation templates online from a variety of choice and options available. Select and get printed economically according to your choice and use the money for something else for the event.

4. Decoration:-

Venue Decorations

Quite often we are at awe on seeing some grand decoration by spending hours scrolling through social media or when we had actually visited some event. Some attractive decoration gets etched in our minds. We wish to recreate that decoration someday. However, given the situation and prevailing condition sit is not practical. The basic materials required for decoration is not available or difficult to find.

One of the best ways to do is to explore party decorations stores in and around you. Get the required items that you need. Request the store for specific items which they could procure for you. They might be able to arrange or order it for you.  You can even look up for the desired material at online stores. The items that you choose needs to be theme oriented. Here are some aspects of the venue decor that you could consider:

Entrance Arch

The entrance arch can be made along the lines of your theme. You can go for ornamental decoration never the less reasonably priced; colorful balloon arch with thematic cutouts is a popular option trending, go for that.

Welcome Board

Welcome boards that used to be at the entrance of the wedding venue, it is now seen at many events including kids’ birthday parties. No great shakes to put up at the entrance but only announcing the name and age of the birthday baby.

Venue Theme Decor

It is always the venue decor that displays one’s abilities and accomplishments of creativity. From balloon decor to fancy drapes, fairy light, ribbons, piñatas, festoons etc. can be used for decoration as you are liberty to run your mind wild in imagination.

Table Centerpieces

Often, the table centerpieces would typically be customized based on your theme, superhero of a movie or cartoon charter. Flower, candles and chocolate jars are some other popular generic center piece items that can also be placed.

Chalk Board

The chalkboard is quite popular among the kids’ birthday party ideas. It will give your guests a glance into what your little one is like – nicknames, favorites, likes or habits.

Stage Decorations

The basic requirement for a stage decoration is a backdrop. All of us want this to look super band attractive as it is going to appear in all the photographs and pictures. You will find various backdrop options available in the market. A cake table decorated with a backdrop of your choice which you can pair it with the kid’s name cutout beautifully! However, some of the options available in the market are listed below:


Essentially, for a backdrop, an elegantly decorated printed flex, colorful drapes with lights or it can just be a thematic hanging decor with a simple flex can be some of the preferred options that can be put to use.

Cake Table Decor

Undoubtedly, your primary intention while planning the cake table decor is to have this one spot to fill with all your awestruck guests. Pretty and attractive, it is filled with cupcakes, doughnuts, cake pops, twisters, thematic creative decor, decorative and perfumed candles etc.

Thematic Cutouts

Choose among the favorite cartoon characters for an ultimate theme-related look. These character cutouts will make your kids feel their presence at the party and they will be excited through the party!

Baby Name Cutouts

These colorful LED light name cutouts magnify and glamorize the whole show; besides they are trending at many wedding parties, corporate events and many other social events.

5. Photographer

While much effort has been put for a special day, capturing the memorable moments beautifully cannot be overlooked. When you are looking for a photographer, you do not have to spend much on this item. Professional photographers are easily available for any occasions. You may check online or seek references from your acquaintances and relatives who might have organized similar parties for their kids in the past. You have the liberty to check the photographers’ work before hiring.

6. Entertainment

One of the main items at any party is the entertainment part. Fitting the theme of the party would be something that the kids would love; magic show, puppet show, story-telling are some options that would not only be fascinating but would also keep the kids engrossed. In addition, as per the trend, you could also hire one of these entertainers like tattoo artists, nail artists, face painting artists or balloon sculptures.  These items work well to cheer the tiny tots!

Games for the kids can be organized. You can get ideas and options from Google search. Let somebody from the guest take charge to make the children play and charm them.

7. Cake

One cannot imagine a kid’s party without the customary cake. It is one of the essential elements of a party. Also a birthday cannot be imagined without the ritual of blowing of candles and the gathering singing the birthday song. The kids’ fixed stare on the cake is a priceless sight. The blowing of cake and the drooling eyes fixed on the cherry are moments to be captured for posterity. The birthday child waits for this moment anxiously. Bakers are available dime a dozen besides there are many fine home bakers as well, who will surpass your expectations. Explore and take a cake trial before you select the best!

8. Food

Essentially food has been an important and the critical item at the same time, as the success of the party is determined by the taste of the food served at the party. Besides, you have to ensure that the food is kids-friendly with low on spice. Include a variety of kids’ favorites like ice-cream, popcorn, chocolate fondue, milkshakes and lot of desserts.

9. Return Gifts

Whether the kids present at the party enjoyed or not due to some shortcomings that did not cheer the kids from among the above, there is still one way to get through a kids heart. Party courtesies for visiting the party or return gifts are an ongoing trend.  This invariably depends on your budget. You will find a whole lot of kids’ birthday party ideas on Google about what you could hand over the little guests post party. Handmade gifts, chocolates, cookie boxes, a printed picture of the kids with the birthday boy/girl make for awesome favors that could fit your budget and also an ideal after party gift.

These may be cumber some. Plan a DIY activity and have the children take back home their art pieces – party activity and they will plunge over the party return gift!

You could obviously skip any of these kids’ birthday party ideas that you feel are superfluous or do not fit in your budget. However, now you can be confident enough to go about a party preparation, planning and ready to throw a terrific party for your tiny tots!

After peering through the above carefully, you may try organizing an event all by yourself; but there is always an option. Remember that it is chaotic and exhausting to contact and connect the various vendors to get these respective tasks done. It is therefore better to hire a party planner who would considerably reduce this vexing stress and would ensure that the party should be a grand success! You could get the best deals from party planners in and around Dubai in just a click!


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