Planning Children’s Birthday Event in Dubai

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A child’s birthday celebration, for many parents, is an event to reckon with; with grand celebrations and merriment.In fact many parents, carefully consider about throwing a big fat party for their toddler’s first birthday with all the grandeur.

Yet the parents have the inclination of giving their child a memorably wonderful and grand first birthday party in Dubai; without tagging with the usual tension mounted when handling such events. Basically, for a successful party is the planning that should not bog you down and impede the party. On the contrary, you should get your money’s worth for the efforts of throwing a bash that your child, your guests and you would enjoy at the end.
We give below some eight ideas to plan and host a cool stress-free fun birthday party for your tiny toddler who is turning a year younger:

Simple Theme

For many parents, a first birthday party is a theme in itself. However, the parents want to give the best to their buddle of joy and would spend time searching online on Pinterest and other related sites on Google looking for a unique theme. This exercise will give enough pressure and the actual planning will further stall down the process.
If you still need a theme, come visit Jungle fiesta and explore themed hall for your little one’s party!
Curtail Invitees

The guest list has to be pruned to very special and important families or friends, it makes sense. You may wish to invite many guests to celebrate this important milestone event; but it will only become stressful having a lot of guests during the party.

Remember, the party is for your baby. If the baby is not comfortable with the din and crowd around, you may even have to curtail the list to‘a family-only party’! None of the guests at the party will enjoy the fun including you if your child is not enjoying.

Consider Your Baby’s Siesta

A crying baby at a party will turn the event into a damp squib. So, it is much better to host at a time convenient to your child. It is ideal to conduct a party after the child’s nap time. As such you can be sure that your little one will be in a good mood during the entire party.
If the invited guests arrive with infants and toddlers, it will be next to impossible to plan according to everyone’s different nap schedules!Don’t lose heart; another option is to have a brunch party earlier in the day as normally most young kids are more active and energetic at this time of the day.

Arranging Child-Friendly Buffet Table

Prepare both, child-friendly and adult friendly buffet table. As your guest list will have children accompanying the parents, you need to prepare a spread that will cater to the liking of both groups.
Snacks of finger foods are perfect for both adults and kids for ease to handle and eat without creating a mess.Serve your guests with something healthy to eat; lay some fresh fruits and veggies along with dips on your buffet table.

Keep it Short& Simple

Finally, the toddlers and little kids get worked up after the whole chaos. Particularly, toddlers, as they tend to be discomfited easily when there are many strange faces around them.
It is better to avoid a cranky toddler and crying kids during the party. The best way is to limit the party duration; say two hours or even less. This process benefits everyone, particularly your child, who can leave the party on a high note…enchanted.

Follow the above time tested tips if you are planning your child’s first birthday party. Adapt these suggestions; you will avoid all the stress of preparing for the celebration.At the same time, have a party which everyone will enjoy, including you and your little one.


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