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Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Children being a bundle of joy and activity have lots of talents. But many are scared to speak their mind. Many fear the stage. They fear to get embarrassed or to forget what they need to convey. They get attacked by various questions.’ What if I forget?’, ‘What if people laugh at me?’ ‘How do I make people listen to me?’, and many more things!

We being adults might not know, what goes in a child’s mind, but we sure can guide our children over various hurdles they come across.

According to child psychology, there are two reasons why kids often hold back in social situations- either shyness or introversion.

However, shyness is not a big concern and is most likely a temporary issue. Shyness is a label often put on children, but in reality, it is a reaction to certain situations. With the right intervention, children can come out of their shell!

Effective communication is a foundation skill that can help your child to be socially smart. In this process, you also have to remember that it is like other skill they learn through trial, errors and repeated practice.

Right exposure at the right age makes a child accept imperfections and inspire them to be more than they are. Only through communication skill a child becomes fearless and gets to be in the more powerful role.

Games and activities centered on communication skill have the power to melt away shyness as fun and giggle takes over and laughter flows. These activities help them carry the best weapon in their hands and that is ‘CONFIDENCE’.

How can Jungle Fiesta prove helpful?

Jungle Fiesta offers you various programs to convert your flaws, doubts, fears into confidence, helping to celebrate moments with utmost strength and happiness. We teach not to fear the future but to work towards the unknown so-called ‘destiny’ to make life better and peaceful. Talking on stage, cracking jokes, speaking to the public, telling a story is no more uncomfortable…it turns into a passion!!

Come to us and become a champion of words!

“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you, you have to go to them sometimes”. –Winnie the Pooh


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