Fun with balloon twisting-a fantastic addition to kids event

balloon modelling activity

You have seen magicians pull this trick turning a balloon into a dog or even machine gun. Even at birthday parties, balloon modeling captures hearts of the little folks. Guess what if you learn to do it all by yourself? Yes, that is possible now with Jungle fiesta.

At Jungle fiesta, we take this activity at a completely new level. With the right instruction and little practice, you can take this a hobby. Even more, you can show your friends how it’s done. The only things you need are some balloons, a pump and a lot of free time to run wild with your imagination. (P.S.- Surely you don’t want your parents to yell at you every now and then when you pop one, only make sure to ask your parents first!)

We take great delight to make the art of balloon modeling more entertaining and educational to the children of all ages. Recently we hosted this as a summer camp activity with simple original designs, especially for kids.

Check out the gleam of pride after kids make their creations here.

If you wouldn’t have thought about it, the twisting balloon has its own advantages.  What is more hilarious is that you try to twist the inflatable in weird shapes. From grown-ups perspective, twisting balloons into wonderful creations is an interactive attention-grabbing activity. Who doesn’t love to pop a balloon!

Even we adults get delighted when we see a normal balloon transformed into a dog, a sword or a flower- the options are endless! On a serious note, according to a study, blowing balloon is actually a stress relief activity that helps in relaxation. And popping them is the fun part! So this craft activity is undeniably a beneficial option to improve creativity and focus among children.

As Mums and Dads are always looking for some entertainment in children’s parties and twisting balloon is something that everyone can enjoy. So when you start researching about it, you may wonder what it’s quite easy and is actually anyone can do it. Although what looks easy to do can be easily accomplished with help from professional.

Who knows you turn out to be another great entertainer at the next party!


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