Fancy dress or Costume party fun event for kids

fancy dress competition jungle fiesta

The summer camp season has started and while it’s always amazing to see just how many students are having a great time with their camp experiences, it’s the outcomes that really stand out.

While there are lots of activities going around in summer camp and kids absorbing experiences, parents are witnessing growth and development in their children. One such activity that is enjoyed by children throughout the ages is dressing up in costumes and engaging in dramatic roleplaying.

One gets pretty excited when the theme is to dress up party. Children eagerly look forward to it as it allows them to live their fantasy character by dressing up and acting like favorite characters, cartoons or animals. Participating in fancy dress helps children to come on stage and face the audience. It is an enjoyable activity which helps children to pour in about performance even after the event.

Participating in such activity outside school premises is added an extra advantage. Engaging with other children give them the confidence to speak with adults including their mom and dad.

Costume party supports child’s social side and gives an ideal ice-breaker helping your youngster build connections from an early stage. Dress up competition can likewise enable youngsters to conquer any shyness they may have around others, it additionally shapes a platform for compliments to be made, giving kids the confidence they need.

Girls may want to dress up in the latest Disney Princess character, which is great. A little boy may want to dress up as a pirate, or a superhero such Iron man, Thor or the Hulk.

Fancy dress enables kids to build up their creative mind. With some numerous PC games, telephones, tablets, TV and movies accessible to youngsters, fancy dress costume can build an extension of their favorite film, television show or video game.

So, if you & your kids are interested in donning up fancy dress do register in the upcoming fancy dress competition at Jungle Fiesta.


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