Why your kids learn lot more than yoga at summer camp? Here is the answer…

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I don’t know what to with my kids all day…Kids are bored staying at home all day long!

These are some of the questions we get from anxious parents visiting Jungle Fiesta for the very first time. When children are off from school till September 1, there are plenty of things for engaging your kids for summer holidays. Among them, summer camp is the better option for a good quality time.

It involves different indoor and outdoor activities that will surely make your kids enjoy and relax for a while. Through group activities and games, kids learn to appreciate each other and provide an opportunity for growth.

kids yoga session summer camp

kids yoga session summer camp @ Jungle Fiesta Dubai

At Jungle Fiesta Summer camp, learn some easy to play and simple to teach games for kids of all ages at a camp or summer program. Our experts teach your kids, students, or campers’ ways to stretch and strengthen their bodies while having a blast at camp!

Here are something we include we consider including in kids yoga sessions-

  • Focus on having fun with movement
  • Follow their passions and interests
  • Create authentic, meaningful experiences
  • Be creative and enjoy yourselves with safety
  • Wear comfortable clothing and practice barefoot
  • Encourage the children to share their yoga experiences with their families and friends
  • Be mindful to incorporate all facets of yoga

And here are the reasons why kids need to attend this yoga camp activity-

Allows kids to unplug from technology

Staying away from their mobile phones even for at least some hours is a great feat for kids. Yoga offers them to enjoy various activities that keep them physically and mentally fit. There is no time for gadgets and apps because they are too busy making friends and having fun.

Helps children with social and emotional development

Yoga activity is a perfect place for children to further develop both sides of their social intelligence, and the more they can put this skill into practice the more they develop. Practicing yoga helps kids to be present at the moment by focusing their attention on their breath, the movement, and challenging poses. This results in improving their concentration and focus.

Step up the healthy foundation

A small step daily with proper guidance may instill the healthy habit of doing yoga. Children become more aware of their bodies, breathing, posture and their ability to express emotions and control their reactions. After all, yoga games and activities are a perfect addition to every kid at summer camp!


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