Jungle Fiesta Summer camps: Fun, learn and grow

children summer camp activity

Discover new themes and fun activities for kids this summer! Summer camps are the great escape from the sweltering heat of Dubai. It’s every parent’s concern. Summer camp is the best way for your children to spend their free time during summer and school breaks. It’s the single destination for kids to go outside have fun, learn and grow while teaching them lifelong skills.


Children love to hear stories. They prefer stories over dialogues. The benefits of storytelling are plenty, from life lessons to building confidence and leadership skills. Telling stories allows your kids to experience different worlds, countries, and traditions. It increases their willingness to express themselves and communicate their thoughts and feelings. Narrating story urges youngsters to be inventive and utilize their creative mind to picture the setting, the characters, and the story as it unfurls.


Technology plays a major role in the upbringing of today’s youth. Summer camp remains an ideal opportunity for kids to get active. Many kids who are often reserved for sports in school got to discover their liking for sport at summer camp. These camps create cooperation and help in the character building of youngsters.

Personality Development

Children who attend summer camp gain a sense of resiliency when they face new challenges in life. It aids children to build their self-esteem in a healthy and positive way.

Guitar Classes

Be it a rock star in your child or an avid musical instrument player in them, learning to play guitar can be fun to enjoy while learning. For children above 8-10 years old, they have the physical and mental maturity to hold and concentrate on guitar lessons. Learning guitar teaches self-discipline and self- motivation at a very young age.

Balloon Art

When you become stressed, blowing a balloon is a great exercise that helps you to relax. Similarly, balloon twisting actually has quite a few benefits that vastly improve your creativity skills.

Consider Jungle Fiesta summer camp

Going to summer camp makes for a remarkable, remunerating background that your kid won’t forget for long. You’ll realize your kid is having a great time while building important fundamental abilities and communicating their imaginative side.

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