Corporate gathering ideas that your employees will be talking about

jungle theme corporate party

The office party is a great way of boosting teamwork and morale. Corporate parties give you the opportunity to mingle with co-workers in a low-pressure way. All this suggests that a party is perfect for bringing your team together and breaking a little ice.

The live-action adaptation of The Lion King and The Jungle Book at Jungle Fiesta offers a tropical décor for events, meetings and corporate gatherings.

Corporate parties usually are monotone, so a themed party such as the Jungle is the best way to come out of the corporate jungle. Your employees can have a whale of a time dancing and drinking.

So for all the fun accompanied, you also need to think of the budget to business goals. No doubt it is difficult to create an event that involves all your employees because everyone’s perception is different.

When you book at Jungle Fiesta, you get everything at your touch point. From planning & organizing an office party to arranging food catering, jungle fiesta eliminates all hustle-bustle from your end so that you can enjoy the party like no other.

There’s the venue, with Jungle decorations, games, entertainment, music, food, drinks, cake, and goodie bags not to mention any extras such as a themed photo booth, face painting, and the list goes on!

The game list includes complete transformation where you are a group of travelers on an expedition with a scavenger hunt, test stalking skills with sleeping lions and tries out navigation skills with pin the tail on the monkey.

What makes the Jungle?

Jungles aka wildernesses are known for their thick woods and a lot of plants and vines. Over portion of the world’s plant and creatures’ species live in some kind of jungle environment. Jungles have such a wide mix of plants and creatures and they give us wonderful ecosystems.


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