Incredible ways to surprise kids on their birthday


Yet another birthday celebration is coming around the corner, which means another celebration to plan wherein everything should be different from last year’s party. After all, this isn’t just any other day; it is the apple of your eye’s birthday!

So if your little one has been getting into the monkey business every time you turn around, then this jungle party might be the perfect birthday theme for your household.

If you are feeling this call of the wild, check out these whimsical safari parties arranged at Jungle Fiesta to get inspired.

A party at Jungle fiesta usually consists of loads of roar and fun for the guests and the guests of honor, of course! All you need to do is choose the package of your liking and leave the rest to us. From invites to return gift aka special goodie bags, you get to preserve the memories with a themed photograph of the event.

What to expect from safari themed party at Jungle Fiesta?

Since the theme of the party is a safari, the decoration of the Jungle Fiesta resembles that of the mini jungle. In the package, you get themed atmosphere, play area for kids along with jungle-themed photo booth for the guests. The jungle theme cake is simple, yet perfect! To make guests feel like they’re on a real safari adventure, we incorporate decorative jungle-themed elements across the table.

For making the event more exciting, a party is provided to lead the games and activities. The games are for both adults and children, where confetti blast and surprise gift bring out smiles, for sure! Jungle Fiesta Special Goodie Bags are turned into thoughtful “thank you” notes for each party-goer.

Few words…

There is no limit to how creative a kid’s birthday party can be, and the key to a special, memorable birthday is always to keep the child’s preferences in mind and to make an event they will enjoy, and so do you!


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