Awesome return gift ideas for kids that you shouldn’t miss


Kids love birthday celebration whether it is their own or of friends.  Many things are associated with it like cake, balloons, a new dress, party, chocolates, party snacks, games and a lot more. But what more exciting among all is the party gift!

We know how tough it is to plan every single detail of your child’s party. And while planning the birthday party the list goes long and long, then come to a really important thing “return gift”. A return gift adds a surprise element to the party and kids will go home glad about the fun memories and smile on little guests’ faces as they return home. Just as the birthday kid gets excited with the gifts, their buddies to get super excited about the birthday-return-gifts.

Though a new trend, no birthday party is complete without a return gift. It’s strenuous to decide the perfect return gift and that too in a pocket-friendly way. To help you with the problem we got a simple solution that will not only cut your problem off but also will give you a sigh of relief and here it goes.

surprise party gift kids

Return gifts Ideas for kids

Jungle Fiesta Special – Goodie Bags

A bag filled with a cupcake, chocolates, cards, and some cars/dolls. The little ones will be super excited about seeing them.


Books are great. However, purchase age-proper ones with the goal that the kids can read and enjoy them.

Cloth bag

This eco-friendly blessing can likewise incorporate a message and make the children mindful of the benefits of going eco-friendly. You can make it fascinating by printing animation pictures. Include a couple of treats clinched as a surprise.

Balloon figures

For a jungle theme party, making balloon animals for parties are one of the easiest ways to bring gigantic smiles on the entire little guest faces.

Our take on making a crazy animal balloon animal create an entire party display with the fluttering balloons.

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