Tips for Planning Birthday Party for one year old baby Boy, Girl


Congratulation! Today you have completed the first year of parenthood! And now is the time for the much-awaited party of the day when you became parents. Indeed, the first birthday party of your young one! The first epic birthday party tips of your young one are here.

Of course, it is every parent dream to make the first birthday celebration special and memorable. However, it won’t matter to your baby whether you throw a fully catered party or just have close relatives and friends for pizza. How much you plan is up to you. Do only what makes you feel fun and festive. There is no guilt to cut back if you get stressed out.

first birthday baby party

The first thing you need to do is to plan the party according to the nap timings of the baby. You as a parent have learned that for happy and stress-free occasions requires a stress-free baby. This may seem like different time other than the guest expected. But it’s the baby’s day.

Then comes the universal rule-Keep it simple or better small!

Now let us tell you why do we suggest this? Babies are easily overwhelmed with the room too crowded by a lot of strangers, especially adults. Unless you are sure that your little one can handle a big crowd, it is better to keep an intimate party including few family members and close friends.

Though the guest of honor may not care the about the theme, your elder guests might enjoy the colorful theme like Disney princess theme, Jumanji or The Lion King.

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