Hosting a themed kids birthday party at Dubai

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Your baby’s birthday is coming and you are planning to host a birthday party and that is making you nervous, but don’t fret, there’s no need to worry because Dubai is the ultimate birthday party playground!

When you are searching for venues suitable for themed birthday parties, Jungle Fiesta Dubai has a wide variety of special packages for hosting Jungle themed birthday parties.

Jungle Fiesta is not just a party lover but a party planner as well.

Venue selection:

When you are booked with Jungle Fiesta, you got every detail covered as far as venue and party hall are concerned. The team is a professional kid’s birthday party organizers in Dubai who are always eager to provide you prepare an amazing, enjoyable, well-thought and memorable birthday celebration for their children.

Guest invitation

For a themed party, it is better to consider making invitations that match the theme. You can always personalize an invitation to fit the theme. Try to include all of the information for the party on the invitation, and send invites out at least a month before the party. Remember, everyone has their on the schedule so it can be hard to navigate around busy plans and work.

jungle fiesta birthday invitation

So all set to go with Jungle Fiesta? From either package you choose, you a personalized and attractive electronic invitation made by the team.

Cake Ordering

Jungle Fiesta gives special attention to the birthday cake and presents a lovely themed cake to the star of the day!

Enchanted forest cake

Party Games

It’s especially important to have activities for kids to keep them entertained during the party. JungleFiesta team arranges party fun game for your little ones spread the vibe of merriment!


Food at Jungle Fiesta is served keeping the preferences of the boy or girl would like to eat best, or their elders! Our team takes special care about the birthday serving drinks and having dessert for a nice surprise for them.


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