Celebrate New Year Eve 2020 in Dubai with Jungle Fiesta

new year celebration dubai

It is an accepted fact globally, that the New Year celebrations of Dubai are opulent affairs.  Obviously, it is so magnificent that it has become a tourist attraction particularly for the extraordinary spectacular fireworks that are part of the festivity; be it Ramadan, Christmas or New Year.

No wonder that tourists start flocking into the emirate is perhaps due to the option to enjoy some of the grand New Year’s celebrations for free in here. They congregate from the neighboring countries and other parts of the world during this festive event.

Whether you want to join in the party with your family, friends or someone special or enjoy in a laid back mode within the cozy comfort of an apartment/hotel; Dubai, especially during the festival, has something to offer to all according to one’s budget.

Happy New Year 2020 Dubai

Fireworks, fashion show, magic show, parties, dinner and dancing, and many more events to enjoy, not to forget some unique games for the kids!

We believe that every celebration apart from fun and frolic is important in the educational angle of the Jungle Fiesta’s experience. We ensure to stock our shelves with unique, interesting and hard to find trending novelty items that we not only pick up from around the corner locally but also procure them from around the world regularly.  To put it differently, the collection at our Jungle fiesta is a great way to showcase and highlight our stores and its activities, regularly.

So check our schedule from the calendar, gather some friends to join us to revel in the fiesta…it is completely a rugged Jungle-style!

One of the best places in the world to celebrate the New Year event is indisputably Dubai, a city to reckon with. The bang up-to-date city of Dubai never ceases to surprise one and all with its offerings every time one visits. In the event, you wish to enjoy the New Year Eve celebration with the motley gatherings in Downtown Dubai or decide to celebrate in the pleasant comfy at your terrace, we are game for any of your options.  Our offer for celebrating New Year in Dubai with grandeur is the pocket-friendly budget suiting every one…we ensure zero disappointment.


Dubai is a great place to chill out solo or with family. Enjoy great food and festivity during Christmas or New Year eve. The amazing superlative fireworks held in awe every year is commendable. Not to forget the festival of Ramadan where celebrations are beyond anybody’s expectations. What is unique about Dubai is its grandeur that is one of the reasons to welcome the tourists around the world…around the year.


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