Fancy dress competition ideas for kids

costume fancy dress competition

Fancy dress competition has been around for a very long time, centuries in fact. Even festivals like Halloween brings out the creative side of kids and adult equally. The excitement and joy to dress up your kids for fancy dress competition not only makes the kid happy and excited but also imparts him or her some useful knowledge based on that fancy dress themes.

Getting children into fancy dress costumes can give your child the benefit of their social and emotional development allowing them to interact with other children. If you are searching for the best fancy dress ideas for kids’ party or competition, then you have come to the right place.

Cartoon character theme

It’s fun to get creative beyond the boundaries to see your little wonders jump out of excitement as they are dressed into a cartoon character of their choice.  Some of the cartoon characters are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Dora, etc. One can easily find all these costumes anywhere.

Animal theme

It is one of the popular theme options for fancy dress. Kids love to dress up like their favorite and popular animals-dinosaur, lion, rabbit, bear, dog, cat, monkey, tiger and many others.

Princess theme

Who doesn’t love Disney princess? From Cinderella to belle from beauty & the beast, it is every little girl’s dream to be like their favorite Disney princess. This is indeed one of the unique fancy dress ideas for kids is the princess and fairy tale theme.

Fruits and vegetable

The apple of your eye will literally look like an apple with this unique theme. Your kid will look so cute when they dress up like banana, apple, pear, chili, peas, carrot, etc.

National day theme

Add in extra cheer to the upcoming UAEs national day with a fancy dress matching the zest of celebration. Done on special national day costume and step out to join the celebration with Jungle Fiesta.


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